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Amphetamine Psychosis

Friday, November 12th, 2010

According to the Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy the authored by Roni Shiloh; David J. Nutt; Rafael Stryjer and Abraham Weizman, Amphetamine Psychosis is a toxic reaction resembling schizophrenia that may occur after a long-term or short-term use or a single large dose of amphetamine. The symptoms at the onset of this drug-induced condition can be identical to schizophrenia, and which include confusion, suspiciousness, paranoia, auditory and visual hallucination, delusional thinking, anxiety, and periods of aggression.

Amphetamine Psychosis Stories
Amphetamines have been a popular name in neuropsychiatry, having been used to treat narcolepsy, alcoholism, depression, and obesity. Based from the documented report Clinical and Biochemical Studies of an Amphetamine Withdrawal Psychosis Clinical and Biochemical Studies of an Amphetamine Withdrawal Psychosiss published in the Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, the link between psychosis and amphetamine usage was first suggested by Young and Scoville. It came out when they introduced the possibility that amphetamine sulfate may have precipitated paranoid psychotic reactions. Since then other cases linking amphetamine abuse and misuse to psychosis have been published.

Among the cases that have been reported linking psychosis reaction to amphetamine usage were:

  • Shanson’s report of a psychotic reaction in a seven and a half-year old boy after one day of inhalation from an amphetamine inhaler.
  • Connell’s report on 42 patients with amphetamine psychosis and introduced a satisfactory biochemical screening test for urinary amphetamine excretion.
  • Askevold’s report on the occurrence of psychosis associated with amphetamine withdrawal.

Amphetamine Psychosis Treatment
There has been overwhelming information that tackles amphetamine symptoms and side effects documented in books and other educational pamphlets to alert people about what the drug can turn a person into when abused and misused. Amphetamine psychosis in particular has gained immense interest among many psychiatric professionals to find out solid evidences of amphetamine usage to psychosis.

The Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy noted that the treatment of acute amphetamine psychosis centers on the management of agitation and the reversal of psychotic symptoms with antipsychotic medication. Additionally, the complete clearing of amphetamine psychosis may require up to a week.





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