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9 Things to Know About Rohypnol as a Date Rape Drug

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Rohyphol is the most common date rape drug to date. It is manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche and is prescribed as a sleeping pill in countries other than the United States. Aside from providing short-term treatment for insomnia, it is also being used as a pre-anesthetic or a sedative.

Rohypnol, however, is used as an illicit drug. Often, it is combined with heroin, alcohol and cocaine. Others call it roofies, rophies, R2, roche or la rocha. But despite the many other names attached to this illicit drug, it is more popularly tagged as the date rape drug.

9 questions on Rohypnol

Aside from the facts provided above, Rohypnol can be best described by answering some of the most common questions regarding the date rape drug.

  1. “How does Rohypnol look like?” This drug is white in color and contains the word “ROCHE” on one of its sides. In another side, either the number 1 or 2 is encircled (which denotes 1 mg or 2 mg doses). The sad thing is that this drug can be undetected especially when dissolved in a drink.
  2. “Why is it called a date rape drug?” Rohypnol is called the “forget pill” or the “fall and trip pill” or the “mind eraser pill”. Because of this, it will be easier for people to fall prey when under the influence of this drug. The drug is often slipped into the victim’s drink by her attacker. This drug is called the date rape drug basically because it is used as a drug to incapacitate the sexual assault victim before the crime is done.
  3. “Is this date rape drug legal?” Not in the United States. But in the Latin American and European continents, the product is manufactured legally and can be sold with prescription.
  4. “How popular is Rohypnol?” It is being used by teenagers as well as young adults in continents where it is sold. While the US does not legalize the sale or manufacture of Rohypnol, there are goods that have been smuggled and sent to residents of the country either by delivery or mail. Because of this, more and more teenagers are aware of the presence of Rohypnol in the market.
  5. “How is it used?” Teenagers usually use Rohypnol as an alcohol extender. Young ones attempt to create a feeling of “high” thus they combine it with beer and other alcoholic drinks.
  6. “Why did the use of Rohypnol increase?” One of the primary factors in here is cost – the product is priced at only $5 per pill. There are also some who believe that the product is tamper proof and is safe to use as it comes in bubble packs. Other people also think that the drug cannot be detected in urinary tests.
  7. “What are the various Rohypnol effects?” A victim under the influence of Rohypnol will not be able to resist sexual assault. Owe this to the fact that motor skills become impaired as the drug works in the body. Rohypnol effects can be experienced in a matter of 30 minutes, then will heighten after two hours and can last up to eight hours. These effects can also last up to one day especially when taken in combination with alcohol.
  8. “Is this drug addictive?” Yes it is. In fact, Rohypnol will make it harder for some individuals to undergo some withdrawal symptoms like convulsions, muscle pain, confusion and headache. Seizure may also take place after one week of withdrawing from the use of this drug.
  9. “How can I avoid Rohypnol effects?” The main thing here is to be wary about drinks being offered to you by strangers. You may accept drinks as long as they come from unopened containers which you will open later on. Once you leave your party drink unattended, you should not take a sip on it anymore.

After knowing some of these facts about Rohypnol, it will be easier for you to avoid it. With your avoidance of the drug, you will also avoid its adverse effects.

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