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Four Reasons Why Detox Drinks Don’t Work for Drug Test Cheating

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Drug abuse is a worldwide concern that companies, employers and families have been battling for over a decade. Readily available drug testing kits have made the battle against drugs easier, especially since early detection of drug use can potentially stop kids from escalating into more dangerous drugs or even keep employers from hiring drug users.
There are, however, many ways by which drug users try to cheat drug tests–from submitting someone else’s urine sample to putting different adulterants like vinegar or bleach to make drug use undetectable. Some even choose to take detox drinks days before testing so their urine sample gives negative test results. But do these detox drinks really work? Read on to learn why detox drinks don’t work in drug tests.

drug testing-employees-detox drinks

1. They have other substances that can be detected. Some detox drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which is a diuretic and can make you pee more, thereby lessening the concentration of the drug in your system. Others contain additional chemicals with claims that these can help you cheat drug tests. Caffeine and other chemicals, such as Nitrites and Gluterahyde (used in some drug blocking products) can be detected by using caffeine or adulteration strips, which come optional in drug testing kits.

2. Detox drinks do not eliminate toxins from the body. There is a misconception that detox drinks eliminate drugs and their metabolites from your body. But these products do not make the drugs disappear magically from your system. The only way to remove drugs from your system is to flush them out naturally (the body uses kidneys, liver and spleen to get rid of toxins) and water is the only best, most practical way to do this.

3. Too much water dilutes urine. Drinking large amounts of water is a good way to help your kidneys flush out unwanted substances and toxins, such as illegal drugs, from your system. Many drug users choose to drink lots of water before testing in the hopes of lessening the concentration of drugs in their system enough so that it falls below cut-off levels. But drinking water to dilute urine also removes natural substances found in your urine such as Creatinine and adulteration kits can check if the levels of Creatinine are not normal. Also, there is such a thing as overdosing on water. People have been hospitalized because of water overdose.

4. Detox drinks can be dangerous. Most detox drinks contain Niacin and B-complex vitamins, which help the body eliminate toxins faster and helps urine retain its original minerals, color and substances. (Remember, watered down or diluted urine will raise alarm bells). However, too much Niacin and B-complex vitamins can be bad for you. Too much Niacin (or B3) can cause peptic ulcers, hyperglycemia and even gout, while too much B-complex vitamins can cause numbness in hands and feet, memory problems and headaches.

Drug Test Kits
There are a lot of detox drinks being sold and advertised over the Internet promising instant cleansing of toxins as well as drugs and their metabolites from your system. Most, if not all of them, are just hacks that are out to steal money from gullible drug users who want to cheat drug tests. The only surefire way to get a negative drug test result is to stay away from drugs, and the more this message is spread, the greater the chances of winning the war against drugs.

How Employers Can Avoid the Most Common Urine Drug Test Cheating Methods used by Employees

Friday, December 4th, 2009

employers-drug-testingIn order to create an accurate drug testing program, employers must also be able to prevent the problem of drug test tampering that can come up with some employees and potential new hires for that business.

Currently there many methods of cheating a urine screen. In addition to a simple substitution, the samples can also be altered by tampering substances and the use of water or other fluids to dilute the sample. Eliminating these drug test cheats and the likelihood that your employees can use them will improve your odds of getting accurate test results and help you to prevent drug use from entering your place of business.   Below are a few methods of evading this problem when setting up your drug testing to ensure a drug free environment.

  • Developing a Random Testing Method: Making a truly random drug testing pattern means evading any real pattern of testing. To do this you will need to establish a list of employees and a way to randomly select a part of that list to evaluate at random a few times per year. Computer programs can be used to do this. By randomizing the times and dates of testing as well as which people will be tested it becomes harder for those who would try to adulterate the test to be prepared with cheating methods.
  • Monitoring: By either appointing an individual to the role or hiring a person to monitor the employee as they submit to a drug test, there are far less opportunities for the employee to sneak in a fake sample or dilute the sample with water or another fluid. There are several ways that employees can sneak in false samples and altering substances. The monitor will need to look closely to verify no such cloaking item, tubes or containers are hidden on their person.
  • Limiting Time Before Test: By reducing the amount of time that an employee knows about the test before it’s done (an hour or less time helps a great deal), you reduce the ability of that employee to tamper with the urine sample through substitution, overfluidation, drinking vinegar or other substances that can be ingested. Many sports teams and events do not give prior notice and request the sample only at the time that they want it; this is done precisely to avoid tampering with the athletes’ samples.
  • Temperature Strip Cups: If the specimen cup has a temp strip, it can help to verify if the sample is truly directly from the human body and not from a replacement vial or other substitution. This helps to draw attention to tampered with samples.
  • Tamper Proof Seals: These seals prevent the employee from tampering with the sample.
  • Using a Certified Lab: Certified labs are trained to look for signs of tampering in urine samples.  Variances in the amounts of Ph, nitrites, oxidants and other elements are clear markers of attempts to flush tamper or dilute the urine sample. These labs can verify if this has occurred with the sample and another test can be done to attempt to get a more accurate screen of that employee’s potential drug use.

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