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Family and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET): Best Approach for Adolescent Drug Problems

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Submitting to a voluntary drug test will probably never be in a teenager’s to-do list any day. Drug use and abuse after all, regardless of how prevalent among the adolescent population is a heavily stigmatized social problem. Kids want to belong and they will not want to be branded and cast out. Perhaps that fragile sense of social belonging may have been partly responsible for driving some of them to drug use in the first place.

So how can we effectively address teenage drug abuse? Parents and health providers have been seeking proven adolescent-specific treatment programs. Since these types of treatment services only began to be widely available in the 1990s, information about them is very limited. This research brief holds the spotlight on family and motivational enhancement therapy. Studies indicate that in combination with family therapies, METs and cognitive behavioral therapies show the most promise.

It is suggested that recovery seems more achievable if during treatment the following factors are considered:

Treatment Variables:

  • Discharge status
  • Rapport with counselor
  • Aftercare

Personal Variables:

  • Psychiatric illness
  • Family involvement
  • Drug-using peers and their continued influence
  • Coping skills

All these factors affect a teenager’s decision-making and risk for relapse. More in-depth research is needed however in order to include existing and new developments in the treatment of teenage drug abuse. More careful background screening may be required, performed by highly experienced assessment counselors in order not to overlook important individual case peculiarities. More research is also needed in the field of teenage brain development.




Research Shows a Better Way of Understanding Adolescent Behavior

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Numerous psychology books have been written about how to understand adolescent behavior, and thousands of background screening on adult users have hinted on it for a long time, but only recently have there been concrete scientific and visual proof as to why teenagers act the way they do, why they seem predisposed to making risky or reckless decisions including getting mixed-up with drug abuse.

These new studies prove that the adolescent brain continues to develop up until around the age of 24.  It gives treatment professionals a much better perspective on the problem of teenage drug abuse. It also allows them to build more informed strategies for prevention and treatment. Parents are also able to tailor-fit their parenting style according to new insights from these studies.

This study proves once and for all the adverse effects early drug use has on the developing brain. Teenagers are already “wired” for risky behavior, and when illicit drugs disrupt critical stages in the teenage brain’s development, they are setting themselves up for more self-destructive behavior later in life.

One important lesson from the results of this study is the need to help kids train their “brake systems” so that they can refine their decision-making skills when faced with peer pressure and tempting situations that are perceived as challenges to the prefrontal cortex. Several suggestions also surfaced, including setting a good example and following a healthy lifestyle at home.

Drug use and abuse can be prevented. We only need to pay better attention to the reasons why kids seem to be easy prey to this social cancer, and we will be better armed against it.






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