• 10 Important Side Effects of too Much Vitamin B12 That People Don’t Think About

    Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that is found in food and is also taken through a shot, supplements and gel. Used to help in weight loss and other medical problems such as anemia in patients, this vitamin is an important part of our diets. Vitamin B12 helps to metabolize fats and proteins stored in the body, makes a special fatty coating that protects your nerves, helps you to produce and grow new cells, restores mental clarity and reduces the risk of several cardiovascular diseases among many other necessary and useful things. However, while it has many benefits, there are also some side effects that can make you ill if it is taken in large doses. Many of these side effects can be present when B12 is used at much higher doses than recommended.

    B12 Vitamin Deficiency Testing

    B12 Vitamin Deficiency Testing

    1. Blood Clots in the Legs: This side effect can become a serious problem if left untreated. If you suspect that you are experiencing blood clots, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible for evaluation.

    2. Diarrhea: Mild incontinence can often occur as a result of medications and supplements and is often overlooked as a side effect.

    3. Swelling: Swelling can occur in the area of the mouth and throat as a reaction to allergies or a full body feeling of being swollen.

    4. Breathing Problems: This can be anything from a wheezing sound while breathing all the way up to shortness of breath.

    5. Exhaustion: Many people who use B12, experience some fatigue but those who are dealing with the effects of too much of the vitamin are often utterly exhausted and sleep more than normal

    6. Hives: Hives and other skin irritations and itching are common responses to allergy and are often overlooked on their own. If the level of acne produced by your skin goes up, there’s a strong chance that B12 is its cause.

    7. Frequent Urination: B12 has been used for the purpose of losing weight; this is because B vitamins cause the body to process fats. However, consistent high levels of B12 can cause a more persistent and bothersome rate of urination.

    8. Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Chest pressure, anxiety and even heart palpitations can occur as a result of too much B12 in the body.

    9. Insomnia: While some people who experience extreme exhaustion will want to sleep all the time, others instead deal with the symptoms of insomnia. This does not always mean not being able to get to sleep. For some people, getting to sleep isn’t the issue; the problem lies in the ability to stay asleep long enough to get consistent restful sleep every night.

    10. Dizziness and Lack of Coordination: Loss of coordination and even dizziness when combined with any of the above, warrants immediate medical attention as it could be linked to a less common side effect which could cause atrophy of the optic nerve.

    If you experience any of these symptoms, it is wise to talk over them with a your doctor to determine if you need to lower your dose or if taking B12 supplements is actually necessary.

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    6 thoughts on “10 Important Side Effects of too Much Vitamin B12 That People Don’t Think About

    • My levels of B12 are too high. I do not take B12 suppliments. What could be the reason for this and what can I do? I have anxiety and panic attacts and insomnia.
      I hope you will have some answers for me.

      Thank you,
      Delleyne Martineau

    • Trey Thomas says:

      in adults up to 4.8 (mg) or 4,800 (mcg) is a max dose and that is 80,000 your daily value i personally take around 2.4 mg (on adverage) now this is straight off a supplement label so the chances of naturally haveing too much b12 are slim but if you eat alot of sea food, beef, eggs, cheese or lamb and are one of the few who have problems with the vitamin. i would sugest take a few days off these foods, maby go vegie for a day or two, if the symptoms do not subside see a doc

    • Niki ND says:

      Curious as to the references for the above claims. I have at least 100 scientific references (research articles) that claim differently…

    • paul says:

      what form of b12 are we talking about? cyanocobalamine is the “bad” type; too much can build up cyanide systemically, while methylcobalamine SEEMS to have no real known serious side effects…any thoughts on this anyone? many take m-b12 for peripheral neuropathy (of any etiology) with positive results. i have seen 20,000 to 40,000mcg taken daily SL for such. please reply with ANY knowledge on this subject. thank you.

    • Thank you for being our mentor on this matter. My spouse and i enjoyed your own article a lot and most of all appreciated the way in which you handled the issues I widely known as controversial. You are always rather kind to readers like me and aid me in my existence. Thank you.

    • carmen says:

      Hmm.. Ok so i went to the doctor for a yearly cbc and the chem 7. My doctor says that my iorn is low which is why i was having leg cramps and other problems..blah blah blah; however, that was based on prior bloodwork from the month before. Then they phoned me and said my b12 is too high. So..am i tired and having leg pains because my iorn is low or because my b12 is high or is it a combo?

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